Tuesday 27 March 2007

Oracle Apex Install

Cool and straightforward tutotrial to use when installing apex installation.

There is a better version of this technology nowadays and will appear in Oracle 11g I hear. It is called PL/SQL Gateway. It is like everything you need to build and host a web application will be in Oracle! Very nice, I like the idea, so is it bye bye application servers , bye bye web servers? Hello mighty Oracle! Well it seems like the future where we will be able to write that valuable piece of SQL code under an umbrella on a beach somewhere in Barcelona is near.

Oracle 11g comes with Apex preinstalled when you install it, so you want have to do this.


Home made (DIY) quick installation:

1. Download apex.

2. Unzip apex in your chosen directory

3. Switch to apex directory after unzip.

4. From the apex directory, start SQL*Plus and connect the database as SYSDBA.

$ \apex\sqlplus sys/SYS_password as sysdba

5. Run

SQL>@apexins password tablespace_apex tablespace_files tablespace_temp images


password: is the password you choose for the apex admin account / owner
tablespace_apex: the name of the tablespace for the Apex user.
tablespace_files: the name of the tablespace for the Apex Files user.
tablespace_temp: the name of the temporary tablespace
images: virtual directory for the images on the webserver kind of thing, define it to be /i/
This is how I run it, after creating a tablespace APEX.

SQL>@apexins kubilay APEX APEX TEMP /i/

If for some reason you fail you can remove it like this and try again

$ \apex\sqlplus sys/SYS_password as sysdba

Execute the following commands
SQL> drop user FLOWS_030000 CASCADE;

SQL> drop user FLOWS_FILES cascade;

Visit my Oracle Apex mock applications

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Kubilay said...

Here is the pretty and straightforward installation on Oracle 11g which is very easy!