Thursday 24 January 2008

Data Modeling with Oracle JDeveloper

Long time now I have been looking for a Free Data Modelling tool which is from the Oracle breed but is not part of a gigabytes size software installation (Discoverer...etc).

Finally oracle has bundled Data Modeling in JDeveloper which is a free tool they give for building Java applications. All this time JDeveloper hasn't been of my taste because of its name "the J". I am not a Java Developer! But I kind of started liking it now, when I checked it closely, I found out that it has changed a bit since the last time I had a look at it couple of years before, it is more DBA friendly.

JDeveloper is:

  • Free!

  • Smaller, compact sizes of 400M for a full installation

  • Familiar interface to Oracle SQL Developer. (I didn't realise that Oracle SQL Developer actually was already part of JDeveloper all this time, I always thought that Oracle SQL Developer was a new tool, clever!)

  • Capable of database development and more DBA friendly with SQL Sheet, ER Modeling, PL/SQL Editing

I would still prefer to see the Data Modeling part of it available in Oracle SQL Developer as well, as a DBA I want a mean and lean tool to do SQL, PL/SQL and ER Modeling.

For a download, and tutorials on how to create data models with JDeveloper go
(This link takes time, alternatively search for JDeveloper in Google)

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