Saturday 27 June 2009

Oracle Apex Hosting

Long time now, I have been looking for a web hosting company, where I could host my Oracle Apex pages in full and economically, and found one for £3.50 a month!

Oracle's free hosting platform is not enough as it doesn't allow you to make external network calls, i.e. calls to Google services like Google Maps.

If you want to create an Oracle Apex application which uses Google Maps or even use internet able PL/SQL packages such as UTL_HTTP on the internet, you have to look elsewhere as the free Oracle Apex hosting platform doesn't let you do that.

But don't worry because the Application Outsource UK LTD platform for £3.50 a month gives you 10MB storage and full Oracle Apex hosting with the ability to do external network calls!

I can't say how pleased I am with their service. Now I am able to do everything I couldn't do with Oracle's Free Apex hosting platform. They have a great support website too.

Have a look at my Oracle Apex and Google Maps demo application I have crated using their platform here on My Oracle Apex and Google Maps samples.

Yahoo, Google API and Oracle Apex

Google maps API and Oracle Apex

More Reading

A good starting document on Integrating Google Maps and Oracle Apex. This document gave me the inspiration to try Google Maps with Oracle Apex.

1. Integrating_Application_Express_with_Google_Maps.pdf.

2. Google API


Stirl said...

yes it was great but has now closed down...

Kubilay said...

You mean the site? Is still up and they offer hosting!

Look here: