Tuesday 13 November 2007

SQL*Plus takes 100% of CPU time

This is a bug, a funny one, which I experienced on Linux x86 boxes where SQL*Plus would just hang, and do nothing...

That is, if the Linux x86 box has an uptime of more than 200 days, then SQL*Plus would just hang!

I experienced it on a linux x86 Oracle 10g Client installation where I had the client loging in everyday via SQL*Plus to remote boxes and do things. Suddenly it stopped. I checked top on the box where the Oracle 10g client was installed and saw SQL*Plus eating up the box alive! How strange!??

Check the stack trace:

strace $ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus -V 2>&1 |less

you will see lots of jibberish...

Immediately checked metalink I found the Bug 4612267.

Note: 338461.1: SQL*Plus With Instant Client Hangs, When System Uptime Is More Than 248 Days

Oracle support confirmed this, they asked me to patch the installation with applying a one-off patch they gave me on top of the Linux Client.

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Rudy said...

Thank you, this fixed my issue :-)